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Management Policies

Management Policies
Corporate Philosophy
Pursuing the happiness of all through the progress and prosperity of our company by contributing to society and the world.
Representative Director and President
Hiroshi Nakamura
President and director Hiroshi Nakamura
Since its foundation in 1961, Tochigi Nikon Corporation has been grown as a lens-manufacturing base for the Nikon Group.
On February 1, 2017, Tochigi Nikon Corporation has taken over the business of machining and assembly of optical components from Lens Department, Product Technology Sector, Core Technology Division, Nikon Corporation and Lens Department, Tochigi Nikon Precision Co., Ltd, and has merged with Kurobane Nikon Co., Ltd. As a result of this reorganization, machining and assembly of optical components in the Nikon Group has been integrated into our company. This strengthens optical component manufacturing technology in the entire group and establishes a more efficient production system, aiming to maximize the competi-tiveness of Nikon products.
Tochigi Nikon Corporation serves as the "manufacturing technology center" and "manufac-turing base" for machining and assembly of optical components which comprise the core of competitive Nikon products.
1. Manufacturing technology center
Strengthens manufacturing technology as a foundation for machining and assembly of optical components in the Nikon Group, supports and gives instructions to overseas manufacturing bases and procurement partners, and aims to be the technology center to supply extraordinary optical components ensuring the competitive advantage of Nikon products.
2. Manufacturing base
Realizes an efficient production system through the integration of the optical compo-nent manufacturing functions in our company in Tochigi, continues to reform and im-prove every process with intensified manufacturing technology, and aims to be a unique company in the Nikon Group manufacturing bases.
Aiming to be a unique company in the industry, we will promote reforms and improvements and build a corporate climate where every employee can work creatively and joyfully, thus contributing to mankind and society.
To achieve this goal, we will make a united effort to meet customer expectations with sin-cerity.

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