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Corporate History

Brief Introduction of our corporate history
Nikkor lenses — eyes watching and recording the times.
Our ceaseless challenge to discover a new vision in a tranquil location surrounded by the rich nature of Nasu Highland.
Company premise in 1969
Company premises in 1969
Current premise
Current premises

Corporate Highlights

1961 Sakura Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. is established.
1963 Manufacture of Nikkor lenses begins, overseen in part by Nippon Kogaku K.K. (presently Nikon Corporation).
1965 Manufacture of binocular lenses begins.
1973 Company name changes to Tochigi Nikon Corporation.
1979 Manufacture of pentaprisms begins.
1981 Manufacture of microscope objective lenses begins.
1983 Manufacture of semiconductor manufacturing equipment begins.
1986 Manufacturing of electronic imaging equipment begins.
1987 Subsidiaries TN Industry Co., Ltd. and TN Trading Co., Ltd. is established.
1990 Manufacture of stepper projection lenses begins.
1991 Partial management of Setagaya Industry Co., Ltd.
is undertaken.
1994 Subsidiary Jigtech Co., Ltd. is established.
1997 Full-scale operation at second precision equipment facility begins.
1998 ISO 9001 certification is acquired (Equipment Division).
Cross-dichromatic prism orders is received.
1999 ISO 14001 certification acquired.
Terahertz development business is launched.
2000 Telescomicro is released.
Excellence Award is given to Telescomicro by the Nikkei Ryutsu Shinbun among Nikkei Outstanding Products and Service Awards 2000.
2001 Original brand "Rayfact" is established.
2002 ISO9001 certification is acquired (Lens Division).
2003 ISO9001 certification is acquired (Imaging Division, Rayfact Division).
2004 First terahertz pulse spectroscopy & scanning-type imaging device is delivered.
2007 Our business is divided into Tochigi Nikon Corporation and Tochigi Nikon Precision Co. , Ltd.
2011 50th anniversary is celebrated.
2017 Business related to manufacturing of optical components and precise machining parts is taken over from Nikon Corporation through absorption-type company split.
Business related to manufacturing of projection lenses for semiconductor and FPD lithography systems is taken over from Tochigi Nikon Precision Co., Ltd. through absorption-type company split.
Kurobane Nikon Co., Ltd is merged.

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